Dream about Flooded House-meaning and symbolism

The person preparing for the exam dreamed that the house was flooded: it means that the results are not good this time.

The entrepreneur dreamed that the house was flooded: it means that you should make a careful decision, and it is not suitable for risky investment soon.

The person who is going to get married dreams of the house being flooded: It means that you will not get married and may even get into a lawsuit.

Related explanations of dreaming about the house being flooded
No matter what appears in your dream is a peaceful lake, a trickling stream, a furious river, or a calm ocean; the water in your dream always represents the essence of life and represents the baptism and rebirth of the spirit. Once your life becomes complicated, you may dream of drowning in the water; the lake water symbolizes that you want to break free from the troubled life as soon as possible, and desire to live a peaceful and stable life.

Dreaming of a house: It indicates that you have found a good job.

To dream of you being flooded: the disaster is coming.

To dream of you being flooded: a disaster is coming. But dreaming of being rescued when you are about to drown in water will reduce the disaster to varying degrees with the help of others.

People who plan to go out the dream of the house being flooded: the journey will be very safe, don’t worry.

A pregnant woman dreams that the house is flooded: it indicates that she will give birth to a child, and be careful not to die.

Psychological advice

Continued good leisure luck and love luck, but it is a pity that money luck is sluggish. If you are too happy to go out, you may accidentally drop your wallet or lose important items. Keep your belongings refreshed. The best place for leisure and fun is to a place where you can see the distant scenery!