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Dream about Cutting Hand-Dream Meaning and Symbol

  • Dreaming that one of your hands is broken, means that it is a sign of pain and damage.
  • Dreaming of finger bleeding indicates that money will be cheated away.
  • Dreaming that someone’s hand is cut off means that you can lead the masses and achieve higher achievements
  • Dreaming of your hand being chopped indicates that you will have a strong opponent to compete with you.
  • Dreaming of hand fractures or hand injuries. Recently, you should be careful not to conflict with people around you, and you should face everything calmly. If your hand is injured in the dream, it means that your relatives or lovers will have problems with their physical condition, and you should pay more attention to them recently.
  • Dreaming of washing your hands means that something is bothering you in your work and career, and these hidden dangers will soon be resolved satisfactorily, and you can breathe a sigh of relief.
  • Dreaming of holding hands with the opposite sex, this is a hint that a new relationship is about to come, in the future you will meet the object you like, and the two are about to fall in love.
  • To dream of washing your hands means that you will suffer a loss in terms of money. Although the income is small, the expenditure is more than the income, so I am often shy in the pocket.
  • To dream of having your hands cut off means that you will definitely get help from God.
  • To dream of swollen hands means that relatives and friends will benefit from strangers.
  • Dreaming that your hands are dirty or scratched indicates that you are about to encounter some trouble, or that you will be tortured for life.
  • To dream that the mirror in your hand fell to the ground and shattered, indicating that a disaster is imminent.
  • To dream of holding money in both hands means that you will definitely become rich.
  • To dream of a broken hand indicates that you may lose your most precious things soon. It may be that you will lose your ability to work and lose your job. The other half is also called holding hands, so it also implies that you may lose the other half.
  • To dream of wearing gloves means that you may be burdened by lawsuits or careers, but because of your prudence and good economic mind, you will have a happy ending after handling. If you wear worn-out gloves, it means that you will be betrayed by others, suffer losses, and even have to restart your career.
  • Dreaming of cutting your finger means that you will become the winner in love.
  • To dream of shaking hands with a stranger indicates that you are going to make friends.
  • To dream of revenge against an enemy or opponent indicates that it is a bad omen and that a friend will abandon himself.
  • A woman dreams that her hands become hard, which indicates that her character is very tough.
  • To dream of washing your hands and feet means that the annoying or worrying things are about to be solved, and you will live a happy life again.
  • To dream of holding a tortoise in your hand indicates that you will make friends with fools.
  • To dream that your fingers are getting longer, which means that business is prosperous.
  • To dream of a pigeon flying away from your hand means that your wife will leave him.
  • A married woman dreamed of holding a domestic mouse in her hand, indicating that she would have a child.
  • Dreaming of playing with a bird in your hand indicates that you will be passionately in love. You will fall into the crazy love and experience the sweetness of love.
  • Dreaming that your hands and feet are tied means that you have problems with your relationships and maybe slandered by rumors. On the other hand, it is possible that your actions will be constrained and cannot be independent.
  • Dreaming of fingers being scalded by steam indicates that you are jealous of others.

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