dream about baby whale

The huge size of the whale is mostly related to the dreamer’s individual sense of insignificance or his or her suppressed emotions. The boundless sea now symbolizes the complex emotional world.

Dreaming about whales is different from dreaming about ordinary fish. It can symbolize your mother or women.

To dream that a goldfish is going to swallow you symbolizes an authoritarian mother or a close connection with your mother that prevents you from developing as an independent individual. This is a good thing for you. You should leave your mother's care as soon as possible and become a An independent self.

Dreaming about a huge whale may indicate that you will receive powerful protection.

Dreaming about whales swimming around indicates that your work and life will be smooth sailing and everything will go as you wish.

To dream of riding on a whale indicates that you will be supported by noble people, and you will make great achievements and prosper.

To dream of a whale spouting water indicates that you will encounter new love, which is worth looking forward to. Maybe the matchmaker between you and him is a book, or maybe the place where the two of you first met was either a library or a bookstore.

Dream of a whale approaching a ship. It indicates that you will become at a loss when facing a certain responsibility and suffer property losses.

Dreaming about hunting whales means that you will make the right judgment and succeed when facing an important decision in something.

To dream of a whale overturning a boat indicates that you will fall into unfortunate disaster.

According to Freud's point of view, whales are also a symbol of the womb. Dreaming about whales may express the funny to return to the mother's body.

Dream of a little whale

To dream of seeing a school of fish swimming in the water indicates that you have had good financial luck recently, so you might as well invest in business, which may help you gain something.

To dream of heavy rain that keeps moving indicates that your fame will increase, and you may be recognized and respected by others for a good deed.

Dreaming about fishing usually means that you can resist temptation. If you dream of fishing by the river, it may also indicate that your interpersonal relationships may encounter twists and turns.

Original Duke Zhou’s Interpretation of a Dream about a Little Whale

Dream whale. Anyone who dreams of this will ask travelers if he has a far-reaching message, and if he seeks fame, he will get what he wants. If someone who ignores etiquette and harbors different ambitions acts rashly, he will not end well. "The Mysterious Interpretation of Menglin"

Dream whale. If a traveler dreams of it, he will have long-term trust; if a person who seeks fame and fame dreams of it, he will receive good news; if an evil person dreams of it, he will not end up well. "Dream Secretary"

Case analysis of dreaming about a baby whale

Netizen’s dream: I dreamed that I was standing on an unrecognizable long fish and he kept swimming with me. It felt so good. There were many whales chasing him and wanted to eat him. I told him to swim to the shore and they I couldn't cross the Caspian Sea very quickly, so I swam across it and didn't see the whales.

Dream interpretation: Fish means "opportunity". This dream explains this very well, and you will seize a very good opportunity. Even powerful opponents will end upSuccess.