Dream about Argueing with Boss-12 Dreams Interpretation

Dreaming of arguing with your boss: It proves that you have been under a lot of mental stress recently, and you also have many confinements in your life that make you feel unable to get out of it, making you feel that your life is meaningless.

A female employee dreamed of quarreling with her boss: In your life, you may want to quit, because you feel that your contribution is much higher than your return, but it should be noted that quitting may not be able to find a position that satisfies you, So you need to be cautious.

The male employee dreamed of quarreling with his boss: Recently, there have been some changes in your life. It should have been your opportunity, but it was taken away by others. You are very annoyed by this.

The newcomer dreamed of quarreling with the boss: You are satisfied with the environment of the new company, but because of your lack of experience, you are very confused about everything and don't know what you should do to quickly adapt to this new position.

Self-employed entrepreneurs dream of quarreling with their boss: Many moments in your life make you feel very thrilling. To make your career develop better, you have put a lot of effort to explore investment, but whether you can succeed or not The unknown makes you feel terrified.

To dream of quarreling with your boss: You may have encountered some unfair treatment in your life, so your life will likely be affected as a result.

To dream of quarreling with your boss is very serious: you may encounter a very serious economic crisis, and you cannot find a suitable solution at present.

Dreaming of quarreling with your boss, the boss slammed the door: Recently you may have a very unsatisfactory result to accept. Maybe it has nothing to do with you, but it is on your head.

To dream of quarreling with your boss and you resigned: Recently you may have a good opportunity. You need to get rid of some distracting thoughts and firmly grasp this opportunity to promote your position to a new stage.

To dream of arguing with your boss, you cry: Recently you may have a chance to get a promotion or raise because of an inadvertent move. You have to work hard recently.

Dreaming of fighting with your boss and bleeding: You may have your salary deducted because of some work mistakes, and you will have signs of bankruptcy in your life.

Dreaming of fighting with your boss and he fainted: Recently you may have a good plan to make your boss feel very satisfied. And through this, he will appreciate you very much.