Dream about A Dead Gecko-Dream Meaning and Symbolism

The person who is about to get married dreams that the gecko is dead: it means that the two parties have not yet fully understood and will not get married.

The entrepreneur dreamed that the gecko was dead: the representative should make a plan first before implementing it, otherwise, he would suffer a failure.

The person preparing for the test dreamed that the gecko was dead: it means that you have failed to achieve the funnyd result and cannot be admitted.

Dreaming of a tiger: It implies that you will be seriously ill.

Dreaming of a gecko: means humiliation.

Dreaming of a gecko: It is a sign of humiliation.

To dream of a gecko falling on yourself: It indicates that you are going to be sick.

A person who is pregnant dreams that the gecko is dead: it indicates that he will give birth to a daughter.

People who plan to go out dream that the gecko is dead: If you encounter strong winds, it is recommended that you postpone your departure.

Psychological advice

You should purposefully collect information that is beneficial to you, such as how to get the goodwill of your boss/teacher, what kind of qualifications you strive for to promote yourself, and so on. Emotionally, the more you are in a brand-new environment, the easier it is to get the favor of the different in nature!

Dreaming about the death of a gecko

【Dreamland 1】
I dreamed that the ceiling of the room was covered with geckos: The ceiling of the whole room was beginning to be unclear. Then I asked my mother to come and help. I saw two big geckos, the others are small geckos, and then suddenly a pink one climbed down from the wall. The big black spider, I kept spraying it with the insecticide. It finally escaped into the sofa, but it didn't die. Finally, a little gecko climbed down and I woke up. (Chinese netizen)