Do You Dream That Your Signature is A Good Omen?-Dreams Interpretation

Dreamland commentary: You never need to sign when you buy something. You only need to sign your name when you sell something to signify your approval of the transaction. So in the dream, the signature represents the loss of property.

Psychoanalysis: Your signature in the dream shows that you respect yourself. You are willing to know yourself and leave a mark on life in the world.

Spiritual symbol: On the spiritual level, your signature is a reflection of yourself. It reflects the way you see yourself.

To dream of your signature: implies that you are full of confidence and feel safe in your life.

If you dream of someone forging your signature: remind you to be cautious when making friends.

If you dream of forging someone else's signature: it indicates that you may get a windfall.

To dream of signing one's own documents is a sign of bankruptcy.

To dream of letting others sign a document: means both material gains and reputational success.

A traveler dreams of the signature: your journey will go smoothly.

A pregnant person dreams of the signature: giving birth to a daughter if you give birth to a boy in winter. Beware of miscarriage.

A business person dreams of a signature: it will gradually make a profit.

People in love dream about signatures: as long as they trust each other, they can get married.

Those who go to school dream of signatures: it indicates that your grades are average and you need to continue to work hard.