Do you dream about the messy dreams of a female TV personality?

Dreaming about a messy dream about a female TV personality

Content of the dream: I was upstairs at the rehearsal of a very large party. The chief director L specially came to look for me upstairs, took me to a particularly secluded place, and hugged me. There were one or two people around, and I kissed his neck and touched him. He was very happy and said: "Let's change places in the future." After saying this, he found a large number of people around him, all migrant workers.

I returned to the scene and found that my bag was lost. L said very coldly: "Why don't you take good care of yourself? I can't help you if you lose it." I was very unhappy. When I returned to the rehearsal upstairs, I found that my bag was back, and there was an extra one. I felt that it was L who brought it back to me, and I was very touched. The extra bag is a bag I haven’t used in years, and it’s extremely expensive.

The next day, I went to the rehearsal site again to record the official video. L winked at me and asked me out. We drove away for a long time. I asked: "You are the chief director, can you leave? What should I do if something goes wrong?" L said: "You are so stupid, what else can go wrong if you are already in this position? Besides, there are still junior directors. . The problem is easy when you have to focus on the manuscript and have your own program at the same time." As we said that, we drove to the bottom of a mountain, and L carried me up the mountain. The mountain was very steep, but L climbed very easily, as if he was flying.

We reached the top of the mountain, and L wanted to have sex with me. He took off my pants, and strangely, he also took off my socks, so I took them off as well. When he was about to start having sex, I objected, fearing that someone else would come. Just then, someone really came. This man was my dad. He came on a bicycle and was wearing normal clothes and a hat. I buried my face in L's arms, afraid that my dad would see me. My dad rode by without noticing me.

It seems that the scene has changed. My father has become a king and I have become his daughter. A foreigner was present, and I was surprised to find that he was L, who I had just had sex with on the mountain. A grand celebration party will be held on a mountain, and many people will climb up the mountain. The mountain road is extremely crowded. I discovered that I could fly, very high, flying above other people's heads. This makes me feel really good. I don’t know why there was a murder case, and it was related to the foreigner who had sex with me. I met TV hostess A in the crowd going up the mountain. She was combing her hair. I told him that B said he wanted to do her hair. A ran to the mountain happily. At the party at the top of the mountain, my dad was sitting in the stands. He saw the foreign man playing with other girls on the ground and recognized him as the murderer.

I went to the toilet, and my male colleague Y also went. The toilets are separated into small cubicles. The men's and women's toilets are made of frosted glass and are transparent. Y poured water on me with the faucet, and I was soaked all over. I changed my clothes and put on my jeans. I went out and wore my new jeans. I sat at the front to watch the performance, my dad was sitting on the podium, and the front row were all colleagues from my former employer.I saw foreigners playing tricks with girls again.