Did you dream that your mother’s laughter was scary?

What does it mean to dream that your mother’s laughter is scary?

Dream: I vaguely heard a woman next to my ear, talking and laughing at the same time. I don’t remember what she said. Her voice sounded soft, but the sound of her laughter was terrifying. I opened my eyes and couldn't see anything. I wanted to shout for help but couldn't. I felt her put her hands on me. I pinched her and kicked her, but there was no reaction at all. Later I woke up and felt very scary. I was at home alone at the time, and I felt that the woman's voice sounded like my mother's.

Analysis: Acceptance and Resistance

In the dream, someone was talking and laughing at the same time. The soft voice meant that she could accept it, while the laughter was scary, which was resistance; she put her hand on me, which meant that she was touching herself, expressing her concern and concern for herself. Considerate; My pinching and kicking her was a sign of resistance and dissatisfaction with her. I did not want or accept other people's attention and consideration for me.

Comment: Mom’s excessive attention to herself is replaced by the laughter in your dream that makes you feel scared.

People always have their own thoughts and their own space. If their thoughts are interfered with by others and their space is invaded by others, people will have conflicts and resistance. The dream reflects your mother’s excessive attention to you, which is It has interfered and invaded you, and your heart is full of resistance and resistance to your mother's care and attention.