Deciphering the meaning of dreaming about snakes?

Dream interpretation by Zhou Gong explains what does dreaming about snakes mean?

Snakes are one of the most common animals in dreams and one of the most commonly used images. Snake represents a lot of content. First of all, snakes in dreams sometimes symbolize sex. In women's dreams, snakes symbolize male genitals. They are indeed similar in shape, and venomous snakes symbolize sexual harm. The attitude towards snakes in dreams, such as love, disgust and fear, often also illustrates the dreamer's attitude towards sex. Common dreams include being chased by snakes, being entangled by snakes, and being bitten by snakes. Escape and pursuit symbolize the dreamer's fear of sex; being entangled by snakes symbolizes the love between men and women; if women often dream of being bitten by snakes, it means that The dreamer is worried about being assaulted by the opposite sex.

Secondly, physiologically, snakes also represent the spine, and spinal lesions are represented by injured snakes. From the perspective of yin and yang, the snake represents yin.

Thirdly, snakes also represent evil, cunning, cold-bloodedness, deception and temptation, which is the same as the image of snakes in many myths and folklore. In the Bible, it was the serpent who tempted Eve to eat the forbidden fruit. The snake is often seen as an animal in hell or a messenger of the devil. It drags people towards darkness, depravity and evil, and the main method it uses is temptation. According to folklore, snakes eat frogs without actively catching them. Once the snake finds the frog, it stares at it with its eyes. At this time, the frog seems to be hypnotized and will jump into the snake's mouth step by step. In people's minds, snakes represent such a hypnotic power of temptation. Therefore, when people find someone attractive and evil, they call it a poisonous snake; if the tempter is a woman, we call it a beautiful snake, a femme fatale, or the woman is a poisonous snake.

Therefore, the snake in the dream may be an evil, cunning, habitual deceiver, hypnotic allure or charm.

Dreaming about snakes may indeed imply the dreamer’s perception of sex or sex life. It may be a sex life that the dreamer is dissatisfied with, or sex that makes one feel guilty, or it may be that one is enjoying it. Among them, it is a symbol of a happy sex life;

Dreaming about killing a snake, Duke Zhou’s interpretation of the dream implies that the dreamer can conquer the enemy;

Dreaming about a snake crawling into a hole reminds the dreamer to lock the door when going out to prevent theft and loss of property at home due to carelessness;

Dreaming about a fight between a snake and a cat implies that all the dreamer’s disasters will be over;

Dreaming about confronting a python and finally escaping indicates that the dreamer can escape from the clutches of the enemy;

Dreaming about snakes eating others means that the danger will not endanger you;

There are two interpretations of dreaming about snakes eating frogs. One is that it will bring wealth, and the other indicates that the dreamer may have a quarrel with others;

To dream of a snake coiling up indicates that the dreamer will become interested in things that he was not interested in before, and will be lucky;

Dreaming about snakes coiled on the roof beams reminds the dreamer not to be careless and to pay more attention to travel safety;

Dreaming about a snake coiled under the bed means that the dreamer may get sick. You must maintain an optimistic mood, because a person's mood is very important. If you are optimistic, your condition will get better easily. If the snake still crawls up The bed indicates that the dreamer needs good treatment for this disease;

Dreaming about a small snake turning into a big snake, and even sticking out its tongue or spraying water on oneself, is a sexual dream. Snakes are like male reproductive organs, implying that the dreamer has physical sexual needs and desires pleasant sex;

Dreaming about a snake turning into a dragon and flying in the air implies that the dreamer will have powerful friends or elders who can help and support him in his career and work, and he will definitely succeed;

Dreaming about a snake swimming in the water means that the dreamer will be promoted, and this is won by his own strength, so his colleagues admire him very much and will cooperate well with him to make his work go smoothly. .

Dream of being entangled by a snake

Dreaming about snakes has other characteristics, such as cold-bloodedness, so dreaming about snakes can symbolize a person's emotional indifference. Another example is dreaming about snakes, pythons will entangle people, or eat people. Because the snake can also symbolize a kind of human emotion. He (she) is entangled with you endlessly, so that the dreamer can't breathe; or he (she) cares for himself in every possible way, and this excessive meticulousness makes him disappear. independence. A mother who over-indulges her child may turn into a big snake in her child's dream and want to swallow the child.

Dreaming about snakes is a symbol of betrayal or illness in some part of the dreamer's body. Snakes in dreams are an ominous omen. Snakes indicate that many difficulties, obstacles and treacherous acts will follow. Come;

To dream that a snake is clinging to you, causing you to be frightened and unable to escape, means that the dreamer will encounter some difficulties or obstacles or see someone betraying him, which even he cannot believe. ;

Dreaming that you are wrapped around your neck by a snake reminds you that you may get sick. You should pay more attention to your body every day. Your body should be your first priority at all times. Only a strong body can support you to do what you want. anything.

Dreaming about being bitten by a snake

If you are bitten by a snake in your dream, it is an auspicious sign. The dreamer will have good luck and live a prosperous life.

Dreaming about being bitten by a snake implies that the dreamer is not afraid of danger and will have good luck, wealth and a happy life;

Dreaming about being bitten by a snake indicates that the dreamer may have been violated recently. This kind of physical violation makes one feel very uncomfortable. It may be a kind of disgusting sexual harassment. Recently To find a way to outwit your escape, on the other hand, it also represents dreams.The patient’s health is on red, so we should pay more attention;

Dreaming about being bitten by a snake in the water indicates that the part bitten by the dreamer may be a potential area for disease;

Pregnant women dream of being bitten by a snake, which means that the dreamer will give birth to a boy. If it is a fat and clumsy snake, it means that the child will be very smart;

If an unmarried person dreams of being bitten by a snake, then killing the snake and the snake comes back to life, it means that the dreamer will find the ideal partner;

Dreaming about your wife being bitten by a snake suggests that something unpleasant may happen to the dreamer recently. As long as you face it optimistically, you will actually find that it is nothing;

Dreaming about a child being bitten by a snake reminds the dreamer to pay attention to family harmony and create a warm and happy family environment for the child. If the family is not harmonious, it will bring sorrow and misfortune;

Dreaming about your father being bitten by a snake is auspicious and means that good things will happen to the dreamer;

Dreaming about your husband being bitten by a snake is a good sign, suggesting that the dreamer will get good luck;

Dreaming about seeing a snake biting others reminds the dreamer that in addition to being busy with his own career, he should take more care of his parents at home. Children are the only support for parents. Parents will feel very relieved when they go home often. ;

When a woman dreams that her children are bitten by snakes, it reminds the dreamer that her children and grandchildren will have their own blessings. Sometimes, you don’t need to worry too much. Your children will also have great potential, so you don’t have to worry too much;

For a married woman to dream of a snake and hold it in her arms, it is a sign of having a baby;

Dreaming about the enemy being bitten by a snake implies that the dreamer’s competitors will fight each other fiercely, and both sides will lose in the end;

Dreaming that one’s finger is bitten by a snake and bleeding indicates that it is usually a bad omen for the dreamer;

A woman dreams that her finger is bitten by a snake and bleeds, implying that the dreamer and her children may fall ill and should pay attention to their diet;

A businessman dreams that his finger is bitten by a snake and bleeds, reminding the dreamer to be good at thinking and think more about business strategy ideas, and not to just focus on immediate interests in the process of doing business;

Dream of being chased by a snake

Dreaming about being pecked desperately by a snake implies that the dreamer may be very conflicted about something recently, and may be accompanied by some struggles and suppression of his emotions. This may be the conflict and pain in his heart. This kind of conflict and pain is likely to come from emotional choices.

Dreaming about being chased by a snake. A snake has a characteristic. Its attack method is to first release poison and then devour it, while those snakes that do not release poison will devour it directly. Therefore, when we feel "swallowed" by someone or something, we are prone to dream of being chased by snakes.

Dreaming that a snake is approaching one reminds the dreamer to pay attention to his words and deeds in daily life, to be low-key in life, and to prevent being bullied by villains.Framed;

Dreaming that you are being chased by a snake is a health warning, suggesting that the dreamer may be in a state where you are most susceptible to catching a cold. You must not be strong. If you feel a little hot, you should see a doctor as soon as possible;

Dreaming about a giant snake chasing oneself implies that the dreamer may have a big creditor come to collect debts, or the expenses will increase in the near future;

To dream of a giant snake chasing you around a high-rise building suggests that the dreamer’s debt relationship may be related to real estate;

Dreaming about a giant snake breaking through the board indicates that this debt disrupted the dreamer's entire financial plan.