Daquan dreamed of snakes?

Zhou Gong’s Dream Interpretation Collection What does it mean to dream about snakes?

Zhou Gong’s Interpretation of Dreams Answers to Dreaming of Snakes: For details, you can refer to Dreaming of Snakes http:///dongwu/she.html

The following is a partial summary of dreaming about snakes: The appearance of snakes in dreams is a typical sexual image. Dreaming about snakes may imply your feelings about sex or the status of your sex life. Maybe you have been dissatisfied with your desires recently; maybe sexual behavior makes you full of guilt or even dirty; maybe your sex life is very satisfying and you enjoy it. In different dreams, snakes bring different psychological feelings to different dreamers.

Dreaming about many snakes may mean that you have had these thoughts and feel uneasy or dangerous about them, but they may not actually harm you.

Dreaming about being bitten by a snake may reflect your fear and fear of sex.

Dreaming about snakes peeling off their skin, or dreaming about snake skin, reflects that while you are fearful and uneasy about sex, your inner concepts have also been updated and grown.

In addition to symbolizing male genitals, dreaming about snakes sometimes also symbolizes the dark, incomprehensible and mysterious aspects of oneself and personality, such as the desire and unfathomable power deep in human nature, which makes people awe-inspiring. Many people also have unpleasant experiences when dreaming about snakes, such as being chased or swallowed by a snake. Maybe it lies dormant and does not hurt you, but you are just afraid and want to run away. When you dream about snakes and feel extremely scared, it may be that you have encountered your deepest fear, or the aspect of your self-understanding that you are afraid to face. In addition, snakes sometimes represent troubles or potential dangers encountered in life.

Sometimes snakes also symbolize wisdom, spirituality, or keen intuition. If you feel a special sense of joy when dreaming about snakes, it may mean the spiritual awakening in your heart, or the emergence of wisdom and intuition. If you are religious, it may be a sign that your cultivation is growing.