Car accident woman please?

My husband, I, and my husband’s friends drove the car all night, and no matter how we drove, we always got into car accidents. Every time we got into a car accident, we stopped on the edge of a cliff, and there was a woman in red clothes below the cliff. I kept laughing all night, no matter how slow my husband was, he would always get into a car accident. It was like someone was directing us to get into a car accident several times a night. Every time we reached the cliff, we stopped by ourselves. There was either a woman in white or a woman in red at the bottom of the cliff. He smiled as if he was very happy when he saw us get into a car accident. Ask Zhou Gong to interpret dreams

Dream Interpretation by Duke Zhou:Be careful when dreaming of a car accident, as it indicates that something unfortunate will happen. This kind of dream sometimes represents real life. You should be extra careful when driving or boating.