What does it means of dream about my dead Mother?

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Some people often dream of a dead mother in their dreams. What does the dream of a dead mother symbolize? Is the omen good or bad?
Dreaming of your mother (mother) means that you have no sense of security now, you feel helpless about the things around you, you need to be cared for, and you need some clear guidance to have this dream. However, if you often dream of your mother, it means that you are too dependent and unable to walk out of the shelter of your mother independently, and you will often feel insecure in your heart.
Dream Interpretation of Different People Dreaming of Their Dead Mother:
Business people dream of their dead mother, which indicates that the fortune will fall, and family members may interfere with your financial plan. It may be difficult to communicate with them in real life, and you cannot get effective information on investment. Have a mental preparation.
Middle-aged and elderly people dream of their dead mother, indicating that they need to pay more attention to body parts in terms of health, and there may be headaches or dizziness. If they feel unwell, they should go to the hospital in time.
Single people dream of their dead mother, indicating that they will have the opportunity to travel, and they may encounter some small troubles, but it is not a big problem.
Young people dream of their dead mother, indicating that they must be measured and restrained in doing things. Do not act impulsive in doing things, and everything will be prosperous. If there is no restraint, it will be a complete failure.
A job seeker dreams of his dead mother indicates that the job-hunting fortune is very good, and the recommendation of the group will help you a lot.