#25 Lemon Dreams Interpretation-Dream Meaning and Symbol

Dreaming of lemons implies that you will have family conflicts and quarrels. If the wife dreams of lemons, she may be separated from her husband.

To dream of sucking lemons indicates that you may encounter difficulties or obstacles in social interaction.

To dream of squeezing lemons indicates that you may be weak soon and get sick easily. Pay attention to exercise and rest.

Dreaming of squeezing dry lemons indicates that you will encounter a financial crisis or economic needs.

To dream of drinking lemon juice indicates that you are very popular and have good interpersonal relationships.

Dreaming that you are drinking lemon juice indicates that your career will have a bad situation.

Unmarried men and women dream of piles of lemons, which is an auspicious sign, which means that they can find a lover they like.

Dreaming of biting a lemon indicates that you may have a large income and expenditure at the same time in terms of money. If you have a huge income first, do not be happy too early, you may soon have unexpected expenditures.

Dreaming of eating raw lemon reminds you to pay attention to your health. This is a sign of illness.

Dreaming of shrunken lemons means divorce and separation.

To dream of eating lemons implies that something will make you angry.

Dreaming of green lemons is a symbol of diseases and infectious diseases. You should pay attention to your health.

Dreaming that there are many lemons on the lemon tree means that you are jealous of someone popular with everyone.

Dreaming of squeezing lemons means that you will be weak and prone to illness.

Dreaming of squeezing lemon juice indicates that there will be a very rich harvest in money.

To dream of others drinking lemon juice indicates that you will achieve career success through some means.

To dream of drinking lemonade means that others are just used as a tool for recreation in your mind.

A pregnant woman dreams of lemons: indicates that you will give birth to a male baby.

A pregnant woman dreams of eating lemons: indicates that you have a strong ability to adapt, and you will not be embarrassed by anything. This dream also has the meaning of smoothness.

A pregnant woman dreams of two lemons. This is a very auspicious dream, indicating that you may have twins or twins in your belly, with great hope.

Pregnant women dream that lemons are sour, indicating that you may enter a difficult situation in your life. Remind you that you must face it with a positive attitude and work hard to overcome difficulties because only in this way can you really get through the difficulties.

A pregnant woman dreams of buying lemons: indicates that you will have a large outflow of funds soon. This is also a reminder to pay more attention to prevent yourself from being deceived.

A pregnant woman dreams of her husband giving herself lemons: indicates that there may be conflicts between you and your husband. Here I remind you to communicate more with your husband, and you can solve the problem together only by speaking out.

A pregnant woman dreams of her child giving herself lemons, which implies that the fetus in your belly is healthy, growth and fertility are relatively stable, so don't worry too much about pregnant mothers!

A pregnant woman dreams of a lot of lemons indicates that there are many friends around you, and these friends will bring you a lot of help, which is a good omen.