#19 Coin Dreams Interpretation|Dream Meaning and Symbol

Dreaming of coins indicates that your recent fortune is very good, and the happy things around you will continue.

An investor dreams of coins: indicates that your recent fortune is not bad, and you may make a lot of money.

Office workers dream of coins, which means they can get the attention of their boss.

Tourists dream of coins and encounter some small twists and turns during the journey, but they can get through it smoothly.

People in love dream about coins, indicating that you have the same personalities and will spend a sweet period.

A business person dreams of coins, which means that the business is good and that he can successfully obtain good wealth.

Dreaming of picking up coins on the hillside indicates that you will be respected and earn a lot of money.

Dreaming of gold coins indicates that you will have a wealth of life, a prosperous career, or a hobby of traveling, and you will get a lot of fun from traveling.

Dreaming of silver coins indicates that family members may quarrel or encounter setbacks in their careers.

To dream that silver coins are very new and shining may also imply that someone you trust will betray you.

To dream that you accept silver coins means that your financial situation is not good.

A woman dreamed that her lover gave her a silver coin, indicating that she might be abandoned.

Dreaming of copper coins implies that you will be tortured physically and mentally. For example, someone with more power may exert pressure on you.

Dreaming of copper coins indicates that you will have to work hard.

To dream that you have a lot of copper coins and feel very happy means that you will achieve satisfactory achievements through labor.

To dream of collecting coins is good luck, and income has increased.

People who are looking for a job dream of collecting coins and will find a job soon.

The working person dreams of collecting coins, the position will be promoted or the salary will be increased.

A businessman dreamed of ancient coins, he would make a lot of money in business.