#18 Lemon Dreams Interpretation- Dream Meaning and Symbol

Lemon is sour, which symbolizes contradiction.

Dreaming of lemons indicates that you will have family conflicts and quarrels. If the wife dreamed of lemon, she might break up with her husband.

To dream of sucking lemons: you may encounter difficulties or obstacles in social interaction.

A married woman dreams of lemon: she will leave her husband.

Dreaming of squeezing lemons: it shows that you may be weak in the near future and get sick easily. Pay attention to exercise and rest.

To dream of drinking lemon juice means that you are very popular and have good interpersonal relationships.

Unmarried men and women dream of piles of lemons: indicating that they can find someone they like.

Dreaming of biting lemons indicates that there may be both income and expenditure in terms of money. If you have a huge income first, don't be happy too early, you may soon have unexpected expenditures.

Dreaming of eating raw lemons—reminds you to pay attention to your health. This is a sign of illness. You may have some yin and yang irregularities in your body.

Pregnant women dream of lemons: it indicates that the pregnant mother will give birth to a male baby, and also indicates that the baby will become a very successful person when he grows up.

A pregnant woman dreams of eating lemons: it indicates that you are very capable of working.

A pregnant woman dreams of two lemons: this is a very auspicious dream, this dream indicates that the pregnant mother may be pregnant with twins

Pregnant women dream that lemons are sour: this is an unlucky dream, which indicates that the pregnant mother may enter a difficult situation in life.

Pregnant women dream of lemon trees: it indicates that the life of the pregnant mother's family is very happy, whether it is family members or friends, they are very good to themselves

A pregnant woman dreams of buying lemons: this is a sign of bankruptcy! This dream foreshadows that you will have a large outflow of funds in the near future. It also reminds you to pay more attention to prevent yourself from being deceived.

A pregnant woman dreams of her husband giving herself lemons: such a dream reminds pregnant mothers to pay attention to the relationship between husband and wife. This dream indicates that there may be conflicts between you and your husband. Here is a reminder that pregnant mothers should communicate more with her husband. Only by telling the problem can we solve it together.

A pregnant woman dreams of her child giving herself lemons: it indicates that the fetus is very healthy.

Pregnant women dream of a lot of lemons: it indicates that there are many friends around you, and these friends will bring you a lot of help, which is a good omen.