#17 Dreams about Jesus-Dream Meaning And Symbol

Dreaming of Jesus indicates that you will encounter major problems in your personal life or be on the verge of death or serious illness.

Dreaming of Jesus also expresses the pursuit of inner peace, or a certain spiritual world, and dedication.

To dream of Jesus being punished implies that you will be full of sadness because of something and long for change.

Dreaming that Jesus punishes the wicked indicates that you will defeat your enemy after long and continuous efforts.

To dream of Jesus appearing in front of you and talking to yourself indicates that you have realized the existence of powerful power.

To dream of Jesus talking to yourself indicates that you have encountered confusion in life or work.

Dreaming that Jesus will make the final judgment on you indicates that there are still some negative things in your heart that need to be poured out in the process of spiritual pursuit.

Dreaming of Jesus as a child, a wise man salutes him, expressing a long happy time, erudition, wealth, happiness, and contentment.

To dream that Jesus is in the Garden of Gethsemane, your heart will be full of sadness and desperate for change; the one you love will never be seen, and your heart will be very lost.

To dream of Jesus lashing a merchant in a church indicates that the evil enemy will be defeated and honest efforts will be exchanged for success.

Dreaming of Zeus represents physical and spiritual strength and a strong image like a father.

Dreaming that Zeus punishes you implies that you have the fear of authority figures in your heart. Here you have to overcome it. Blind obedience will only make you devoid of vitality.

Dreaming that you are Zeus means that you have a strong pursuit of power, strength, or dominance, and you want to grasp all the initiative in a certain aspect.

When a man dreams of Zeus, it means that you need some kind of strength or help in your heart so that you can open a new way for what you are doing.

A woman dreams of Zeus: helps you understand all aspects of your human nature.

To dream of Zeus talking to yourself indicates that you are confused in life or work and need to find a way out.

To dream of Zeus appearing in front of you and talking to yourself indicates that you may meet a powerful person.