15 Dream Interpretation of Resigning-dream meaning

Dreaming of resignation: It indicates that you will face some difficulties and pressures at work, and you should be prepared to deal with them.

To dream of your resignation from a very high position: It implies that your life will be further improved and your career will continue to advance steadily.

Dreaming of a colleague's resignation: It indicates that your work is under pressure and you are deciding whether to continue.

To dream of your resignation: Be careful at work, be friendly to people, and don't offend others, otherwise, you will be framed by others.

To dream of the resignation of people around you: It indicates that you will be affected or lost due to the faults of others.

To dream that you apply for a job change from a superior or leader indicates that you will encounter disasters and difficulties.

A student dreams of resignation: You will get good results if you continue to work hard, but you have to be more attentive.

A businessman dreams of resignation: There are many losses in business losses, and it is not suitable for investment recently.

People in love dream of resignation: they may get married.

A pregnant woman dreams of resignation: heralds the birth of a boy.

Travelers dream of resignation: I suggest you not go out or postpone.

Middle-aged and elderly people dream of resignation: It indicates that your mental state is stable, your resistance is also strengthened, the focus of health is turning to the throat, and it is easy to get throat inflammation.

The job seeker dreams of resignation: It indicates that your job hunting luck will continue to be optimistic. The help and guidance of others can save you a lot of wrongdoing, and the company you encounter is fairer.

A single person dreams of resignation: It indicates that your family will interfere in your emotional life and may be arranged for a blind date.