#15 Cigarette Ashes Dreams-Dreams Interpretation

To dream of cigarette ash: indicates bad luck.

Dreaming of cigarette ashes: Today you will be entangled in trivial matters and will have no rest time. Besides, it is not suitable to meet with lovers today.

A traveler dreams of cigarette ash: You should postpone your travel.

A woman dreams of smoke: it means that her husband will return home drunk.

In the dream, smoke represents a flashy name.

The smoke in the dream sometimes symbolizes enthusiasm. Perhaps for some reason, this enthusiasm is not so direct and somewhat obscure; sometimes it also represents ideological purification or some unhappy troubles. On the spiritual level, it symbolizes the sublimation of the soul and expresses the pursuit of self and inner purity.

To dream of cigarette ash: The lucky number is 7, and the lucky number is green.

A pregnant person dreams of cigarette ash: it indicates that you will give birth to a boy.

People in love dream of cigarette ashes: discover each other's shortcomings, if you can tolerate each other, you can get a divorce.

A pregnant person dreams of an ashtray: it indicates the birth of a boy.

Dreaming of an ashtray: the lucky number is 3, the lucky color is green,

Business people dream that their mouths are full of cigarette ashes: it means that there is a lot of obstacles, the opinions of insiders are disagreeable, and the business is not going well.

To dream of a cigarette ash box, according to the analysis of the Five Elements of Zhou Yi, the auspicious color is white, the lucky number is 7, the peach blossom is in the direction of the east, the financial position is in the direction of the south, and the good luck food is porridge.

Business people dream of a lot of cigarette ashes: the representative will encounter difficulties and may go to court with others.

Travelers dream of sweeping cigarette ashes: If you encounter a windy day, you have to be careful.