#12 Dream of Rain-Dream Meaning & Interpretation

In life, a rainy day has always been considered a bad day, because heavy rain blocked people's travel.

In the dream, rain means obstacles and barriers.

Dreaming of heavy rain indicates that your career development will encounter some obstacles.

Dreaming of violent storms means that the work you are engaged in will have a better income.

Dreaming that a storm is about to come is an auspicious sign, indicating that good things will happen one after another.

A woman dreams of violent storms, indicating that she may encounter some difficulties at home.

A pregnant woman dreams of rain, indicating that she is likely to have a daughter.

The farmer dreamed of heavy rain, which is an auspicious sign, indicating that he could have a good harvest.

The businessman dreamed of rain, indicating that there will be some loss in business.

The patient dreamed of rain, indicating that the patient's condition may get worse.

A tourist dreams of rain, which means that the trip can come to a successful conclusion.

Dreaming of continuous rain indicates that your lover treats you sincerely and can communicate with confidence.

Dream interpretation: Rain, in the simplest terms, is the catharsis of tears and inner emotions. You may be depressed and unable to vent your emotions in reality. In a dream, rain can release your mood.

Psychoanalysis: If it is in a woman's dream, it means the possibility of achieving a wide range of aspects. Rain can bring great benefits, and everyone should make good use of it.

Spiritual symbol: Rain comes from the sky, and in many cases, it also symbolizes the blessing and inspiration of God.