#10 Tongue Dreams Interpretation-Dream Meaning And Symbol

Dreaming of someone else's tongue foretells that the outside world is abuzz with speculation about your scandal will cause great harm to your body, mind, and reputation.

To dream of a fish prick on your tongue is of course a sign that you have something to say or are embarrassed to say something.

To dream that your speech is also affected by your unsound tongue indicates that you will deeply blame yourself for the trouble you have caused by your speech.

To dream that your tongue is broken gives away the state of your health. This is because when we are sick, examining the tongue can help in diagnosis.

To dream of your tongue indicates that your offensive behavior will provoke contempt from others and even friends.

To dream that you have no more tongue implies that you cannot speak or are unwilling to speak without getting into an argument with someone.

To dream of eating and biting your own tongue, and biting out blood, indicates that you are about to become rich.

To dream that you bite your own tongue foretells that you will suffer financial losses.

To dream of licking an envelope with your tongue indicates that you desire to have sex.

To dream that you have two tongues foretells that you will have a verbal fight.

Dream interpretation: The body of an adult symbolizes in a dream the complete image of the person (including his character and traits) or conscious self. When a person is still a wailing baby, his body becomes the most important source of information about himself.

Psychoanalysis: people's emotions often manifest themselves in dreams in the form of bodily sensations, and by the same token, the sensations in dreams can denote a considerable wealth of meaning. Various parts of the body have different meanings in dreams. To dream of the tongue indicates that you are very good at timing your opening or silence, and in addition, the tongue can indicate the ability to understand and convey information (including his confidence in his personal abilities). Another category of its basic meaning is related to snakes, penis, and sex.

Spiritual symbolism: To dream of the tongue, there seems to be a problem in the spiritual area. -