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How to Explain a Dream about Ex-boyfriend?

Dreaming to meet with my ex-boyfriend: Dreaming to meet with my ex-boyfriend is also a matter of considering the details of the dream. If you are happy when you meet, it means that you may still have expectations. It’s not that you still haven’t given up, even if you can’t start, you still have to break up. Can be friends. If you feel helpless when you meet, it means that there is still a contradiction in your heart. In fact, you are afraid of what you really want to meet. I dreamed ...... More

Explanation on Dreaming of Your Ex-boyfriend!

Dreaming of quarreling with my ex-boyfriend: Dreaming of quarreling with ex-boyfriend, as long as it is a breakup, is caused by trivial matters of life, or personality and so on. the form is usually from the initial quiz, and finally to the end of the game, eventually leading to each other in love, no At the intersection, there are only two parallel lines left. No matter who comes up first, no matter how much they end up, they will affect themselves more or less, causing harm and eve ...... More